This special collection addresses the convergence of modernism and digital technology, and their disruption of traditional methods of art creation. More precisely, it examines how digital technologies’ disturbance and reconstruction of existing cultural tenets allude to the creative processes triggered by modernists who set off to change the ways art represents the world in the beginning of the last century. Just as modernist trends in literature, performance and visual art were seen as a form of rebellion against the obsolete 19th-century frameworks of culture production, this special collection posits that digital technologies have the same transformative effects on cultural artefacts of the contemporary. Deviating from existing ontological discussions on digital media and traditional approaches to modernist art, Binary Modernisms adopts a more interdisciplinary outlook towards reading the relationship between technology and visual culture. Guest edited by Zlatina Nikolova.

Binary Modernisms: Re/Appropriations of Modernist Art in the Digital Age

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