About the Open Library of Humanities Journal

Open Library of Humanities journal publishes internationally-leading, rigorous and peer-reviewed scholarship across the humanities disciplines: from classics, theology and philosophy, to modern languages and literatures, film and media studies, anthropology, political theory and sociology. Our publishing model facilitates the publication of Special Collections of articles on focused topics, which are published when each article has successfully passed through peer review and divided into two issues each year. Many of the Special Collections we publish are funded by research grants and some of our articles have won awards for their contribution to scholarly knowledge within their particular fields. Our articles benefit from the latest advances in online journal publishing, with high-quality presentation, robust digital preservation, strong discoverability and easy-to-share social media buttons.

History of the Journal

The Open Library of Humanities journal (OLHJ) launched in 2015 as the flagship journal of the Open Library of Humanities. Founded by OLH Co-Founders Dr. Caroline Edwards and Prof. Martin Eve, the journal was designed to offer humanities scholars a high-quality, peer-reviewed outlet for their research that didn't require authors to pay to publish open access. Building on the 'megajournal' format, OLHJ published articles in any relevant humanities discipline and was curated by an international editorial network of section editors from 2015-2018. Guest editors were commissioned to oversee Special Collections of articles on specific topics.

In 2019, the journal ceased publishing unsolicited articles and concentrated on publishing Special Collections that are guest edited with the rigorous, dedicated oversight of the main OLHJ Editorial Team. We continue to welcome applications from scholars interested in guest editing Special Collections focused on a particular topic or theme; see full information on how to apply to guest edit a special collection. Our megajournal platform means that we particularly welcome interdisciplinary Special Collections, and we also encourage submissions in languages other than English.

Volume 10 • Issue 1 • 2024

Medieval Minds and Matter

The Public Curatorship of the Medieval Past

Caliban's Mirror: Reflections of James Joyce and Oscar Wilde

Local and Universal in Irish Literature and Culture

Production Archives 02: Production Contexts

Production Archives 03: Archival Practices

The Pathological Body: European Literary and Cultural Perspectives in the Age of Modern Medicine

The Working-Class Avant-Garde