In an era of accelerating climate change, the cultural negotiation of climate has become a focus of scholarship in various disciplines. This Special Collection addresses a key problem in current climate debates: the difficulties of communicating the interrelations between sensory responses to local manifestations of climate on the one hand and more abstract concepts such as global climate change on the other. Combining perspectives from literary ecocriticism and environmental history, this Collection examines how current narratives of climate change ‘represent climate’: how they disseminate experiences and understandings of climate, but also how they bring the histories and futures of climate change to bear on present experience. The global range and long duration of climate render parochial approaches inefficient and question spatially or temporally limited approaches. They require new conceptions of scale and perspective, new ways of narrating the local and the global. To this end, the essays collected in Representing Climate: Local to Global examine the rhetorical strategies, spatiotemporal imaginaries, and political valorizations deployed in contemporary accounts of climate change.

This Special Collection is edited by Dr. Timo Müller, University of Augsburg, Germany.

Featured Image by Andreas Gücklhorn shared under the Unsplash license.

Representing Climate: Local to Global

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