With the rise of white supremacists, right-wing terrorists and hate crimes against those targeted as Muslims by those radicalised as much by the mainstream media as by social media, it is important to consider the connections between explicit acts of physical violence and everyday occurrences of banal, mediated Islamophobia. This Special Collection analyses the textual and visual representations of Muslims and Islam in mainstream and social media in the global north, critically engaging with the extent to which such representations racialise Muslims and contribute to the social construction of a ‘Muslim problem’. Such racialisation is contextualised in this collection within the long-term history of international migration and colonial racism, the contemporary geopolitical context of the ‘war on terror’, domestic variations on discourses of ‘national values and identity’, and debates on the limits of free speech, the critique of religion and the right to offend. This Special Collection is edited by Simon Dawes (Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France).

Muslims in the Media

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