Art / Switch invites innovative voices to share the latest research and experiences in the field of Art and Climate Action. With this Special Collection we tie together the interdisciplinary knowledge of the conference series [re]Framing the Arts: A Sustainable Shift, organised in collaboration with the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM) at the University of Amsterdam and Nyenrode Business University.

The objective of this publication is to create a sector-wide platform to discuss and resolve the environmental impact of the arts, including insights from the Art Market, Museum Collections, Conservation Labs, Art Transport and Insurance Industries, Architecture and Design, Artists’ Studio Practices, Collections Care and Storage Facilities. Starting with institutional approaches to sustainability—museum governance, social sustainability, and museum and storage architecture—the topics continue on to sustainable exhibition practices with case studies, research, and thought experiments by the sector's leading specialists. Narrowing in on environmentally conscious art transport including sustainable packaging solutions, circular economies, and solutions for sustainable climate systems, we finally dive into sustainable materials of the present and future, including the Life Cycle Assessment of materials and successful collaborations between scientists and art professionals to assure sector-wide implementation of new research and methods.

Editorial Team: Pierre-Jean Desemerie (Bard Graduate Center); Bart Jansen (Nyenrode Business University, University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Airlangga University); Johanna Rietveld; Anika Schroter; and Joanna Wendel (PhD, Harvard University). 

Image: Michael Wang, Hypericum densiflorum, 2019. Digital Photograph. From the series 'Extinct in New York'. © Michael Wang. Courtesy of the artist.

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