This Special Collection looks at writers’ and intellectuals’ contribution to debates about Britain’s place in Europe during the past century, including a range of articles across the disciplines of literary studies, linguistics, history and cultural studies. Most articles included are based on papers delivered at a conference held in early November 2018 at Northumbria University Newcastle by Humanities researchers from several European countries with an interest in Britain and Europe. The Special Collection connects the diverse literary and scholarly interventions in current and recent Brexit debates with earlier interventions by British writers and intellectuals into the relationship between Britain and Europe. We adopt a transhistorical as well as a multi-disciplinary approach, covering the role of public intellectuals and film reviewers as well as authors, critics and Europhile/Eurosceptic discourse in politics and the media.

This Special Collection is guest edited by Dr Ann-Marie Einhaus, Northumbria University, UK and Dr Kristian Shaw, University of Lincoln, UK.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash.

Writers and Intellectuals on Britain and Europe, 1918-2018

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