Open Library of Humanities journal (OLHJ) publishes internationally-leading, rigorous and peer-reviewed scholarship across the humanities disciplines: from classics, theology and philosophy, to modern languages and literatures, film and media studies, anthropology, political theory and sociology. It is the flagship journal of the Open Library of Humanities (OLH). Our articles benefit from the latest advances in online journal publishing, with high-quality presentation, annotative functionality, robust digital preservation, strong discoverability and easy-to-share social media buttons. We are now dedicated to publishing Special Collections focused on a particular topic or theme, and so no longer accept general submissions; see full information on how to apply to guest edit a special collection. Our megajournal platform means that we particularly welcome interdisciplinary Special Collections, and we also encourage submissions in languages other than English.

Focus and Scope

OLHJ is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal open to Special Collections submissions from researchers working in any humanities discipline in any language. The journal is no longer open to unsolicited general submissions. The journal is funded by an international library consortium and has no charges to authors or readers. OLHJ is digitally preserved in the CLOCKSS archive. Special collections of articles are welcomed: see more information about Open Library of Humanities Special Collections.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published online as a continuous volume divided into two issues throughout the year. Articles are made available as soon as they are ready to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in making scholarly content publicly available. All Special Collections articles will be published as part of the normal issue, but also within a separate collection page.

Publication Fees

This journal is published by the Open Library of Humanities (OLH). Unlike many open-access publishers, the OLH does not charge any author fees. This does not mean that we do not have costs. Instead, our costs are paid by an international library consortium.

If your institution is not currently supporting the platform, we request that you ask your librarian to sign up. The OLH is extremely cost effective and is a not-for-profit charity. However, while we cannot function without financial support and we encourage universities to sign up, institutional commitment is not required to publish with us.

Citation Metrics

OLHJ is archived and indexed according to the publisher's policy, and is tracked by certain indexing sites such as Scopus. For 2022, OLHJ's CiteScore on Scopus was 1.2.