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Special Collection

New Voices in Jewish-American Literature

Collection launched: 13 Sep 2017
The retirement of Philip Roth in 2012 signifies a definite break with the past, the silencing of one of the last living links with the Jewish generation that dominated post-war American literary culture. This does not, however, mean the end of Jewish-American literature. Recent years have shown the remarkable tenacity of Jewish-American writing: its enduring ability to initiate critical debates.

Now is the perfect moment to start talking about younger Jewish writers as they emerge from the shadow of the “kibitzing giants” of their literary adolescence. In exploring themes as varied as queer sexualities, Israeli relations and the experiences of specific religious communities, today’s writers force critics to constantly adapt their conception of the nature of Jewish writing in, and of, America.

For this collection, articles were invited that offered either thematic or author-focused essays that share a fascination with the ceaseless dynamism of the field, that offer original perspectives on contemporary writers and works that have yet to receive significant critical attention.

Edited by: Dr Dan O’Brien (University College Dublin) and Dr Mike Witcombe (Bath Spa University)

Featured image by ais3n under a CC BY-NC license.